From the July issue of Aural Fix:

Acoustic Chaos
On July 26 at Someplace Else in Farmingdale, the third Acousti Chaos event will take place. The first performer that night is a very talented woman named Patti Morrone. She has a CD single for purchase called "Heart of Hope" (on Bent Pussycat Records) and is currently recording her first full-lenght CD. Her lyrics are sensitive but not Lifetime Movie of the Week sensitive; she just has the ability to express her feelings in her music and it comes across as very heartfelt and truthful. Her voice is a unique mix of early Bonnie Raitt, Dusty Springfield and Peggy Lee. While she also plays guitar, accompanying her that night will be Tom Cavanagh. Try and make it down that night you will not be disappointed.

From the August issue of Aural Fix:

Someplace Else For Original Music- Kate Donohue

Patti Morrone sings with the cover trio Three's Company while working on her solo career. She performed selected songs accompanied by guitarists Tom Cavanagh and James Erickson of Bent Pussycat. Patti's Lyrics, in the best sense of the singer-songerwriter tradition, are highly personal stories that detail the ups and downs of life and love while maintaining a strong sense of hope and perseverance. Her song "Heart of Hope" actually originated from a poem a friend wrote. When Patti applied her music to it and added a few extra verses, it became a hit! The single, which will be on her upcoming full-lenght CD, is available now at Another strong song of Patti's was "Childhood Sweetheart" a touching song about the real life relationship of teenaged sweethearts who married young and are still together. People who know Patti say the song is her life story. And on the whimsical side, Patti put on a country twang to sing the story of the "high-flying hobo with a skywriting head / a road running trooper who will never end up dead!" Written by her friend Matty, Patti confessed that she sings the song because she "likes it. It's cute!"